Monday, December 21, 2009

Why We Chose a Small Footprint

Early on in our home building process we worked closely with an architect firm to design the perfect home. For us, that meant a home that was efficient and affordable. One of the easiest ways to achieve both of those things was to reduce the size of our home’s footprint. Our reasons for doing so were plentiful:
  • It would take less energy and effort to build;

  • There would be fewer building materials used;

  • More earth would be left undisturbed;

  • Once it’s complete, our home will use less energy to operate;

  • And less energy means more savings each month for us.

Plus, we strongly opposed building rooms into our home that would go unoccupied. So, there won’t be multiple rooms that serve the same function (i.e., family room and living room). By including only necessary square footage, we won’t have to heat, clean and pay taxes on rooms that are used minimally—or not at all—throughout the year.

We are also on a mission to lead a simplified life, where people and experiences trump possessions. And we hope a small home will force us to cut back on the desire to purchase material things that are just that—things—and help us to focus on what’s important. We try hard to make our (few) purchases serve a purpose, or allow us to experience life in a different and exciting way. We know not everyone subscribes to that theory. But we’ve found more happiness in gifting each other a weekend hiking in the wilderness, than giving each other the latest gizmo.

There will be no clutter in this home!! (Yeah, right…)


  1. Sooo.... did you received any ugly Betty sweaters this Christmas?

  2. No! Thank goodness. Hope Santa spared you the sweaters too!

  3. He did... Although I did return 1 t- shirt, 1 stuffed Santa and 1 stuffed Reindeer at Nordstroms and walked out with $105...I think I'll put the money towards garden stuff :)