Saturday, January 23, 2010

Progress Report: Raise the (Metal) Roof!

Half of our metal roofing is up. And so is one solar hot water panel. One step closer to looking like a ‘real’ home!

Our metal roof comes from Ideal Roofing, a company based out of Ottawa, Ontario. We chose the Americana roofing series in the color tan, which is Energy Star certified. The roof profile--not the color--looks like this: (Photo courtesy Ideal Roofing)

Metal roofs are known to be long lasting--sealing out water, resisting high winds and easily shedding snow. They are also resistant to fire, insects, rot and mildew. Our roof comes with a 40-year limited warranty.

Unlike roofs made of asphalt/fiberglass, wood, tile, and other materials, metal roofs have a high radiant heat reflectivity. In the summer, the roof will reflect radiant heat from the sun to reduce how much heat is transferred inside the house. In the winter, heat from under the roof is reflected back into the house, making it warmer. This reflected heat also helps the roof shed snow and ice buildup evenly and quickly.

The spray foam insulation underneath our roof has an R-49 value. Click here for more information on R-values. Also, this page on the U.S. Department of Energy site helps you find out how much insulation your house should have, based on your location in the U.S.


  1. wow, your home is coming along beautifully! you must be so excited!

  2. We're putting a new roof on our house this summer, frame and all, in order to get R-50, more head room, and end the leeks! So, we are considering 2x8's (filled with spray foam) covered with plywood, 2 inch thick rigid foam, and then water shield and metal panels...... Is this what you are doing??
    Looks great by the way - can't wait to wash my face in your old farm equipment!

  3. Wow... I LOVE the way it sounds when rain hits a metal roof...(and I'm from Seattle)'s such a warm and cozy sound. You are so stinkin lucky!