Friday, September 25, 2009

The White Mountains

Why would we relocate to the very rural region commonly known as the White Mountains? If you have to ask, you’ve likely never been there. The area boasts 48 4,000-foot peaks and is home to Mount Washington—the highest mountain in the Northeast. It’s an ice climber’s/mountaineer’s/cross-country skier’s paradise. (And that’s just ONE season.)

Come in the spring to watch mountain springs transform into cascading waterfalls; in the summer to see mountains bloom with sunshine yellow and fire red wildflowers; and in autumn to celebrate apples and pumpkins under a canopy of vibrant yellow, red and gold.

After spending many a winter ice climbing, mountaineering and cross-country skiing in the White Mountain area, my soon-to-be husband and I fantasized of a home in this region—where the great outdoors began in our backyard. Where a wood-burning stove warmed our home and hearts. Where a cozy cottage, aglow with love, welcomed us home from our outdoor adventures.

We came to a point when we knew we needed to stop dreaming and start living. Or start living our dream—however you’d like to look at it.

**This is the view from our "back door." (In quotes because, well, we have no back door yet!)

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