Thursday, November 5, 2009

Progress Report: It's a Dirty Job

More progress on the home front! We received a few pictures from Presby detailing the work that has been done so far. Some of the ledgerock has been removed and they started to rough out the foundation area.

Did I mention our lot was a little rocky? The two pictures below are of the hammered-out rock.

And take look at this—it’s the perfect camping spot!

Sometimes I find myself in disbelief that someone somewhere is building our home. It’s been a fantasy for so long that, at times, it’s difficult to comprehend our home will one day exist outside our dreams. Pictures like these are a reality check.

It may be real. But we’re still on cloud nine.


  1. I thought that 2nd photo (rocks rocks rocks) was the perfect camping spot - thought you were just being silly!

    Seriously, things look awesome!!!!!!!!!

  2. So exciting. So exciting!! (I'm shouting that second time:-))