Thursday, January 28, 2010

Show Me the Money!

Why build green? Let me count the ways:
  1. You are helping to preserve ecosystems

  2. You are taking an active role in improving your health

  3. You can GET MONEY BACK (on the local, state and federal level)!!
Clearly, I’m excited about the last point on the list. Why?

On the State Level:
Today, we received an e-mail that read, in part:

I'm pleased to advise you that the $6,000 PUC rebate for your PV facility has been approved.

That’s right! We’ll be getting $6,000 back from the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission for the roughly $15,000 photovoltaic system we will install. After finding out that there was an opening in the New Hampshire PUC’s limited rebate program, we jumped on the opportunity to apply. We mailed in our application along with Solar Wind Electric’s shading analysis of our roof (which showed placement of the PV panels), and photos of our home and our views to the east, south and west.

On the Local Level:
We’ve submitted our application to the New Hampshire Electric Co-op for their $1,500 rebate offered to homeowners who install solar hot water heaters.

On the Federal Level:
We’ll be able to apply for a tax credit (which reduces the tax you pay, dollar-for-dollar) for both our solar hot water heater and PV system. The tax credit is for 30% of the cost with no upper limit. This means we can get $4,500 back for our PV system and $2,250 for our solar hot water heater.


  1. Lots of people think PV and SHW cost too much. However, you're going to be saving money (mortgage + utilities) starting the first month!

  2. Dan- I totally agree with you! Although my current savings balance might not. ;)