Friday, February 19, 2010

Interior Progress: Framing and Drywall

As promised, here are some shots of the inside of our home. It's getting there!

Below is a photo of our front door. It's located on the east side of our home within the screened-in porch. We anticipate our screened-in porch to act as our "mudroom," housing all of the dirty/snowy/muddy shoes. When you walk in the house, the stairway is immediately to your left. Downstairs leads to the basement, upstairs to the loft.

The railing on the stairs is only temporary. We’re going to have a wood/cable system, which we think will make our cozy home feel a bit more open. Plus, we think it looks cool.

And here is a picture of our guest bedroom, located on the north side of the house.

Below, is our first floor bathroom. The antique corn chopper-turned-sink vanity will sit directly where that white tube is now. Our “outdoor” light fixture will be installed where the metal disc/wiring is now. The shower (with a tub!) and dual-flush toilet will be on your left.

Here’s a pretty dark shot of our kitchen. That beam you see running across the ceiling is there to stay, but will get a face-lift. Our salvaged kitchen sink will go right under the window on the west wall, our fridge will be on the north wall to the right of the smaller sized window and our pantry/laundry room to the right of the fridge. Our countertop will be U-shaped and the side closest to the living area will have extra counter space and room for bar stools across from the stovetop.

From the kitchen, you’ll look out into the main living area pictured below—only, you know, there won’t be all that stuff in the way of the awesome view.

Walk upstairs and you’ll come face to face with the office which will also have a Murphy bed installed to accommodate more visitors than can fit in the first floor guest bedroom. Continue down the hallway to the master bathroom, which features purple walls!

Just kidding, that’s just our drywall! The dual-flush toilet will be on the north wall, right under the window. Our salvaged sink vanity will be to the left of the shower. There’s also going to be some sort of wall shelving to accommodate our toiletries since our vanity has no drawers. We’re currently looking into antique medicine cabinets.

On the far side of the loft sits our master bedroom. If you were looking up at the space from the living area, typically the railing would end where the master bedroom starts and a solid wall would enclose the space. Instead, we are going to install barn doors that will open up and allow one to look down to the first floor. We think this will keep the open loft feeling. We'll probably leave these doors open most of the time and close them when visitors come to stay. Here is a photo looking out of our bedroom to help you visualize.

When all is said and done, there will be a railing in front of the barn doors to keep us upstairs, in case we get too close to the edge. Below is a rough idea of what we are intending to accomplish.

Hope you enjoyed the tour! Stay tuned for our countertop, paint and daylighting choices.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the cable/wood railing for the stairs... yumalicious!

  2. Thanks, girls! And I "love, love, love" that you both used that phrase without even knowing!