Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Progress Report: Decking!

We spend a lot of time outdoors. That's why we were thrilled to see that so much progress had been made on the outdoor living areas of our home.

We based our decking choice on durability and long life cycle, and decided on AZEK decking, a material made out of cellular PVC (with no wood fiber mixed in). It is mold, mildew, scratch, split and fade resistant. Yes, it's plastic, and many might argue that plastic isn’t “green.” But it will never decompose—making its lifespan indefinite, and it's purported to be recyclable.

It was breathtaking to see the deck in person. And I'm certain it's going to be my favorite "room" of the house. It gets so much sun--when we last visited, the deck was covered in snow in the morning, and had melted by the time we left the house, only an hour or two later.



The screened-in porch on the east side of our home is shaping up nicely too! We're hoping to take as much advantage of the outdoors as possible--while escaping the dreaded "black fly season" in early summer.

Stay tuned for views inside our home!


  1. Oh, how fun it is to see these pictures!! Your outdoor spaces look and sound amazing. I love screened in porches- perfect for eating outside- no bees, flies or mosquitoes. Whoohoo!

  2. Thanks! I know, I can't wait to eat outside! We don't have a spot for that now.